How often should I service my watch?

If it’s mechanical you should service it every 5 years, or sooner if you have timekeeping problems. If it’s quartz then service it when it breaks down. Maintaining the seals on your watch and having the battery replaced correctly will delay the malfunction of your quartz watch.

Do you do Armed Forces/NHS/Blue Light/Frenchgate Centre discount?

Yes we do! Make sure you bring in some kind of qualifying I.D. card though (applies to in-branch repairs only).

Do we repair clocks?

We are no longer taking in mechanical clocks for repair. We are however, happy to take in quartz clocks for a variety of repairs. Please call in for a free estimate.

My watch ticks every few seconds but still keeps time? What’s wrong with it?

That’s your low battery indicator and is a feature of a quality watch movement. Bring it in ASAP for a battery replacement.


Dead batteries left in a watch for a long time can leak and cause damage to the movement. Even if the battery doesn’t leak it doesn’t do the watch movement any good to be stopped for a long time. Ideally, try and get it changed within a few weeks of stopping.

Why should I reseal my watch?

The vast majority of quality watches come from the manufacturer sealed to stop particles of dirt and water entering the case and damaging the watch movement. Over time these seals degrade and should be maintained each time the watch case is opened to continue that protection. If not, dirt or moisture can enter, damaging and/or blocking the watch workings which can be a costly repair. We recommend resealing any good quality watch whenever a battery is replaced (or case opened for any other reason) but are happy to replace batteries without resealing if you prefer.

How long does it take for you to reseal my watch?

Most watches can be resealed in branch on the day, usually within an hour. Just drop it off and do a bit of shopping or have a coffee and your watch will be ready when you return.

Can’t I just fit a cheap battery in my watch?

You can, but it’s not going to last long and will probably leak in your watch, potentially ruining the movement. And that’s optimistically assuming that someone who’s happy to fit a cheap battery is even capable of fitting it correctly in the first place.

Can you service vintage mechanical watches?

Yes we can! However it is worth noting that many vintage watches haven’t been looked after as well as they should have been and any worn parts that cannot be replaced can either mean it’s not possible to repair the watch or will affect the accuracy of the timekeeping.

Do you stock extra long straps?

Yep! We can even order extra, extra long straps if need be.

How long do watch repairs take?

That depends on the type of repair. Whilst the vast majority of repairs are carried out on the day in less than half an hour, others can take longer due to manufacturer part order delays, obsolete parts, parts coming from outside of the UK or just sometimes the watch is so old and worn that it takes us extra time to carry out the repair as well as is possible to get the best result.

Can you remove links?

Yes we can and we will resize it free of charge over the following two weeks if you think it isn’t quite right.

Do you repair copy/fake/homage/replica watches?

If it can be done, yes. Bear in mind that nobody can order genuine parts for a fake watch so sometimes it’s just not possible to repair them when manufacturer parts are required. The manufacturers of counterfeit watches don’t tend to publicise their contact details.

Were you asleep with your head on the counter when I walked past the shop?

Probably not. We were most likely working very closely on a watch.

Why do you take phone numbers?

Well, it’s not for marketing so don’t panic. Most often it’s to contact you when your repair is finished or if you leave your watch with us and forget to collect it. We can also use your phone number to track previous repair histories or work guarantees if you lose your receipt.

Do you fit ‘lifetime’ batteries?

Nooooooooo. We’re a professional, specialist watch repairers that fits the battery correctly ensuring that your watch lasts as long as it should. The improper fitting of a ‘lifetime’ battery by someone that isn’t a specialist is likely to cause damage to your watch that won’t be covered under their ‘lifetime’ battery guarantee.

I bought a new watch from you recently but it’s stopped. What can I do?

If it’s just the battery we will replace it for you free of charge within 12 months of purchase. If it’s a movement issue it’s covered under the terms of the manufacturer’s guarantee. Bring it back in to us and we’ll send it back for you.

How come you no longer supply plastic carrier bags?

Cos environment.

Can you repair shoes?

We can repair shoes about as well as a cobblers can repair watches.

What if I have a new ‘frequently asked question’?

Email us. We’ll add it to this page.